Top public misconceptions associated with e-cigarette that has created a higher order threat to the makers

With the booming modern technology, the blend of electronic and medical science has innovated enormous recreational and luxurious items for sake of healthy society. One of them is the invention of electronic cigarettes.

The aim of the article is to highlight the public misconceptions that have haunted the e-cigarette makers since the day product came to the market. Now let’s have glance on the most popular misconception the public has these days.


  • E-cigarette causes higher order health hazard for teens


An e-cigarette being bought by any teen is just a myth to me. Legislators say that teens are well attracted to electronic gadgets and have well understanding to kiosk systems at malls. The bitter part is that the legislators may understand that the stuff is not easy for any teen to buy on internet. The only way possible if the then steals its parent’s card to shop and later hide the statement. Rather I would say getting a $7 cigarette packet from any retail is hassle free. So the opportunity for any teen to buy e-cigarette is a matter of dismay than getting a real tobacco cigarette from any gas station. Moreover the rates are bit higher like $30 ‐ $50 (plus shipping) online which may be point of matter for the teens, why will they not utilize the major part of their pocket money in music or video games or clothes. Yes the cost point is considerable for any school going teen. However the additional spare parts like the battery which is again a $10 item also puts the teens in dilemma. So an e-cigarette affecting the health of kid, simply no way practically possible.



  • Flavored taste and flashy packets captivate young mass


The use of such attractive flavors and packets is meant to divert the current smoking mass towards a toxin free product without making them feel of getting debarred of something that has addicted them since years. It’s something like another maker markets their products like cars, bike, television or fashion collectives with enticing tag lines and flashy packaging. As per survey and poll held last month majority of current smokers notified that the flavored liquid in the e-cigarette can never replicate the real taste of original tobacco and hence creates a foul appeal for the smokers.Many smokers also notified that the reason why they stick to the flavored e-cigarette is to get rid of the tobacco cigarette as with the span of time the foul feeling towards the flavor compel them to remain aloof from it.


These are top misconception that are ruling the notions of general public and have brought a threat of higher level to the manufacturers. So it’s a loyal appeal to all those who simply flow with sway of weird criticism to just examine their mindset and choose the stuff what they really need to preserve recreation and health in their lives.


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